Museums & Visitor Attractions

The range and diversity of themes is enormous - from maritime history and mythology to transport and trade; Irish language and Ulster linen to militaria and music; old schools and old mills to cutting-edge art and science. 

Many have a community focus providing fascinating insights into a locality's character and history. Others have specialist appeal, such as the remarkable choice devoted to regimental history, agriculture, ancient crafts and old vehicles. Where else on earth would you find exhibits devoted to; vintage bicycles; antique lace; eel-fishing; canals; Victorian education; the Plantation of Ulster; retail drapery; ancient sewers; Gulliver's Travels: even potato crisps!?

When planning your visit, bear in mind our most popular museums take a while to explore! Build your break around museums within a single area. For example the Sperrins with their archaeological and environmental riches, the City of Derry, or Armagh City… an outdoor museum in itself!